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 Yes, the shipping charges may vary from country to country. The shipping charges from your destination will be indicated when you place the order.
. Please report the return to us within 24 hours  of receiving the product. You may email or call us and inform us the same.

Internet Explorer is the recommended browser. Depending on the operating system you are using, our job application system will work with most versions of Netscape, Mozilla Firefox and Chrome as well.

It's probably because the contrast setting needs adjustment. The method you should use to adjust contrast depends on your calculator mode. 

 fx-6300G, fx-7000G, fx-7700GB, fx-8700GB
Press the [MODE] key, and then use the left and right keys to adjust contrast.
[left] cursor key: Reduces contrast.
[right] cursor key: Increases contrast. 

 fx-7300G, fx-7700GE, fx-9700GE, CFX-9850 Series (fx-9750G PLUS, fx-9750G), fx-7400 Series, etc. 
Press the [MENU] key, select the [CONT] icon, and then use the [left]and [right] cursor keys to adjust contrast. 

Select the [OPTN] icon, and then enter the color contrast adjustment mode. 
Next, use the [left]and [right] cursor keys to adjust contrast.

From the [MENU] screen, select the [System] icon and then press [F2] key to enter the contrast adjustment mode.
Next, use the [left]and [right] cursor keys to adjust contrast..

 fx-9860G Series, fx-CG Series
From the [MENU] screen, select the [System] icon and then press [F1] key to enter the contrast adjustment mode.
Next, use the [left]and [right] cursor keys to adjust contrast. 
Yes, the billing address and shipping address can be different.
All you need is your PC, laptop or hand held device and the free Reader software. We offer eBooks in three different formats: PDF download, EPUB download and Online Reader.  Our Online Reader requires no software other than an internet browser. For downloading, we will provide you with a link to download the appropriate Reader software free of charge when you make a purchase.
Yes, we accept all major Debit cards.
You can make your payment through Bank Transfer method. Please choose your preferred payment method while making your purchases. If you choose the Bank Transfer method then we will send you an email stating the Bank Payment details.
You would receive an order confirmation via email with the corresponding order number for your future reference.
You may utilize the Job Search bar in the middle of the homepage jobs.com. Simply type the city, state and click search.
If your pen was purchased with a lifetime warranty, the lifetime warranty will be honored. In 2007 we introduced a limited warranty period of 2 years with the option of a free 2 year extension. All repairs covered under the warranty require proof of the terms of the warranty, either the dealer stamped and dated warranty document or the printed sales receipt showing the product and date of purchase.
  • The nib should be stored point up when not in use.
  • The ink will drain down into the convertor or cartridge.
  • This avoids drying or clogging of the nib
  • Yes, you would receive an email with the airway bill number of the courier once it is shipped. You will be able to track with the respective courier.
    Apart from certain regions, the shipping charges may apply to various cities based on the seller’s policy.